Professional Digital Forensics Services

Forensics Analysis and Security of Information Systems

Independence and Experience, Strategic Consultancy

and Digital Forensics Examinations and Reports

Many years of experience in the strategy of information security management give our team a perspective that brings efficiency and complexity to the problem.

Security incidents, as well as even small security events, can become a big problem. The forensic examination and expert opinion give these problems a clear picture and, last but not least, the evidential value in court.


The strategic consultancy is not just an order-based service.
It is the establishment of a professional partnership based on trust, expertise and experience.
It is our personal responsibility for our work.

Digital Forensic Review

Journal about the Digital Forensic

In the Czech / Slovak environment, there is no corresponding source of information about Digital Forensics. Therefore, at the Institute of Digital Forensics Analysis (IDFA), we decided to publish the available knowledge of Digital Forensic theory and practice. This is how Digital Forensic Review was created.

The magazine is published twice a year in Czech and Slovak languages. Since we are its editors and main contributors, we will always publish the information about the current issue.